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  • Thanks!!

    mostly due to scaling , if the comments are all imported into the WP database it 1) makes it larger and 2) some cache plugins “reset” the cache for that page when a comment is made via the native WP ( or imported ) comment system 🙂

    also of note, the reason that some plugins do it is because javascript comments were not indexed in the past by google, but thats no longer the case so its much better to NOT import them now

    Hmmm. I see.

    But if I ever wanted to uninstall this plugin and keep the comments that were made on say, Disqus or LiveFyre, is there a way to import them then?

    Yea there are exports for both disqus and livefyre in their control pannels in an XML format that can then be used by … dedicated plugins that will do the import for the commenting systems.

    If I get time I’ll try to add a blub and some links for that use case in the FAQ … unfortunately as far as I know there are no exports for Google+, Facebook, or Twitter though … Just an FYI to keep in mind.

    PS. if it ever is added to their API for any of the other systems like G+ or Facebook etc etc I will add support for it ASAP if it makes sense, if not I’ll for sure link to the dedicated import/export plugins the will crop up I’m sure.

    Hi guys,

    I do understand the part of not importing comments but after testing this plugin I found out it works totally different than I had envisioned so here is my question:

    I had thought it would facilitate commenting via G+ or FB and show all the comments mixed in one tab but it seems you really have to check every tab on its own to read all comments.

    Isn’t it somehow possible to show all comments on one tab so one can actually follow the “conversation” without switching tabs?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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