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  1. I've tried the various solutions provided within the forums in regards to highlighting the blog authors comments but nothing seems to be working. Can someone please post WordPress 2.3 compatible code that I can plug into my comments.php file in order to highlight the blog authors comments.

  2. rb-cohen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Would something like

    class="<?php if(the_author() == comment_author()) echo 'authorpost'; ?>"

    work? It should do if you include the comments within the post loop. I couldn't find a comment_author_ID function so this compares username.

  3. where would I plugin my email address so that this function knows it's me, the admin of the site who made the post therefor it changes the color.

  4. boober
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i followed the instructions here http://www.nyssajbrown.net/2007/06/19/wordpress-tips-tricks-author-comment-highlighting/

    worked awesome, and i used it to highlight multiple authors, gave us each our own colored comments. if you copy/paste the code from her site, make sure you look for backwards quotes and apostrophes, youll need to retype them or the code wont work.

  5. There is a brand new plugin which is exactly what everyone needs to use. It's called Highlight Blog Author Comments. I can now set this thread to resolved.


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