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  1. deadpeasant
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Some of my posts get quite a few comments, so I added a show/hide link next to my Facebook like counter at the bottom of my posts. But I've discovered that when a comment permalink is used:
    1. it simply takes you to the bottom of the post, where the comment show/hide link is.
    2. the Facebook counter shows zero, no matter how many likes are 'really' there.

    For example, my latest post has over 70 likes:
    but compare e.g. this comment permalink

    The thing I'd most like to fix is the FB counter showing zero: any suggestions please?

    Also, do I really need to publish permalinks to comments at all? I discovered that someone has put the above comment permalink on their website, but the context suggests that they really just wanted to link to the post itself.

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