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  1. khaled
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Quick but I'm being dumb today, I'm trying to Implement ChrisJDavis's Comment heat map, found here:


    Now the main problem is in the calling the image from the correct folder. For some reason it's not turning up. Anyone have any idea how to sort this out?

    Just wondering if anyone's got any ideas...

    echo '<a href="';
    echo $comment_heat->comment_author_url;
    echo '" title="';
    echo $comment_heat->count;
    echo ' comments left by this person">';
    echo '<img src="http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=';
    echo md5($comment_heat->comment_author_email);
    echo '&size=';
    echo $size;
    echo '&default=http://www.brokenkode.com/wp-content/themes/iso/images/avatar.jpg';
    echo $image;
    echo 'img src= alt="personal avatar" height="';
    echo $size;
    echo 'px" width="';
    echo $size;
    echo 'px" />';
    echo '</a>';

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