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    Hi! I am a relatively new WP user and not very bright technically speaking. *grin* My comment function quit working a couple of days ago. I WAS making changes to my journal during the same time frame so I am assuming it was something I did in my alterations but I can’t figure out what. I was installing a new plugin (which IS working) and I accidentally reverted my theme back to it’s original state by saving my backed up copy, lol. SO I had to add my personal header and graphics back to the theme and maybe I changed something unknowingly at that time.The theme was working beautifully up until this point. I have searched the forums and solutions to similar problems either did not apply/work for me or I didn’t understand the solution given to the person. Can anyone please help me? Any assistanace would be much appreciated.

    Theme: Journalized Sand, from this site:

    Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

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  • I finally figured out my problem on my own. I reverted my theme back to it’s original state and the comments would not work STILL so I knew it wasn’t anything I had done. The only other change I had made was I added 2 plugins recently. I started to deactovate plugins, one by one, testing as I went and I figured out which plug in it was that was causing my problem. It is called ScrobblePress, from this site:

    NOT that there is anything wrong with the plugin but maybe it just didn’t like my theme. 🙂
    In any case: PROBLEM RESOLVED 🙂

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