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  • I would like my comments to be unnumbered and separated by a line of some sort. Can anyone help with that? I changed the


        in the template, but now the comments are bulleted instead. Also I would like the date to appear as just mm/dd/yyyy, instead of the full version I have inthe blog. Is there somewhere that I can specify that?
        Thank you!
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  • Sorry that is supposed to say I changed the ol to ul in the template, but I put the brackets and now it won’t let me edit it…

    Add the following to your style sheet:
    ol#comments li { list-style: none; }
    That will get rid of the numbering. You may also want to experiment with margin-left to control how much they’re indented.
    (Of course, you’ll want to change back from ul to ol in the template…just because the comments actually *are* ordered.)
    For the date, also in your wp-comments.php file, find <?php comment_date() ?>

    Thanks peoples! Everyone here is so nice… I got the line and the date to work, but still getting numbers… I have to change the wp-layout.css right? That’s where I put it. Maybe I did it wrong. I still have lots to learn about css. And everything else!

    If you add
    ol#comments li { list-style: none; }
    to wp-layout.css, you should be alright. But, you’ll need to change your wp-comments template back to using <ol id=”comments”> instead of ul…

    Hey, thanks again! I just figured it out. Since I am using the pop up, it needed to be commentlist instead of comments.

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