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  • In every theme I try to use (also the default theme) the “labels” above the comment form (“author” “email” etc) are not visible in IE but OK in FF. Any idea about this? (It may well be that it is browser-related problem but I cannot very well tell all my IE readersthat they have to switch.)

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  • This is very interesting. I found out (through trial and error, what else?) that every time I log on to WP it places something on my computer which makes it impossible to see the “label” fields above the comment form (in IE). Fortunately this is only the case on my own computer, everywhere else it is OK and readers can post comments as they should.

    I have to go to “Internet options” and “delete all temporary files” in order to see the post OK with the complete comments field. It’s OK now when I know it, only a bit cumbersome.

    Can anyone explain what is happening?

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