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    By the way, I really love your theme … and REALLY appreciate the simplicity and neatness of it. 🙂

    I’m only having one issue with it, and that is getting the comment form to show up. I enabled via the theme’s customization tool bar; but the form isn’t showing up in my posts. I checked the posts, individually, to make sure I had comments enabled … which they were.

    I downloaded and installed the Jetpack Plugin by WordPress, because I wanted the social ‘share’ icons to be available per post; and I also wanted to be able to publish to Facebook – which it offers. I noticed, while going through all of the Jetpack settings, that I could activate their comment plugin, which would allow for viewers to comment by whatever social network they primarily used. Well, the comment form shows up, but not the options for which network to use. So I read through their support forum, and in order for that commenting from social networks option to work best, it’s advised that the comments.php work the same as the comments.php works in the official WordPress themes.

    I’m not an expert with php, but I’m not a novice either lol … so I’m not afraid to tinker around with it (I’m a stickler for saving back-up copies). However, I do not want to distort the layout of the Decode theme, by just overwriting it with the WordPress default code for the comments.php. I know I could try and see what happens, and always revert back; but if there is a simpler way of doing it – like just adding a line or two, I’d much rather do it that way (it spares me from a frustration that is often combined with impatience – I am ‘technically’ impatient). I’m a ‘geeky’ mom of 5 – I typically do not have a lot of time to figure things out. lol

    If you can assist me with this … I will be SO .. VERY .. THANKFUL~!

    Other than the comment form issue, everything else works perfectly~!

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  • I’m very very happy now. 😀 I got to work~!

    Scott Smith


    Good to hear! Sorry for just getting back to ya. Is there anything that I did incorrectly in making the theme to cause this? Or was it not something I could fix?



    I was looking through the support forum for the jetpack, and saw a response by one of the developers that said it works best with one of the WP themes’ comments.php, so I started comparing the code between all of them. I noticed Twenty13 was closest to yours so I just modified the comments.php of Twenty13 by going through the entire coding and replacing the name of the theme to ‘decode’; then I uploaded it and overwrote decode’s comments.php. I still have the original files of the decode theme saved on my pc, so when I tested it, if it didn’t work, I was going to revert it back. Fortunately, it worked.

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