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  • hi everyone. did anyone know this error ?

    i use wp 3.3.1, with multisite enabled and use domain mapping plugin. i can’t post a comment on the post and page, it redirect to 404 error page.

    i create a simple file post comments, and create a form with action to, just look like wordpress comment, and server doesn’t found my wp-comments-post.php. but if i directly acces the wp-comments-post.php in my browser address bar it found the wp-comments-post.php.

    it seem my server doesn’t found wp-comments-post.php when access it as POST action in a form.

    i try to change the file permission of wp-comments-post.php to 777, 666, 644, change .htacces, disabled all plugins, change to the default theme, change the permalink to default, setting up general, reading, writing, discussion and also install wp-ajax-comment but nothing fix this problem whereas i never change any source code.

    here my website :

    please help me, thank in advanced and sorry about my english this is not my mother language :D.

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