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  • Hey guys!

    I’ve been working on migrating a large database to WP, and it’s all seemingly worked okay. I have imported my users, their posts and comments, carrying over metadata where needed, and then relinked all the ID’s with a combination of custom fields and SQL.

    Only problem I have that’s stopping me moving onto the templating of the site is the comment dates. In my infinite wisdom, when I created the original blog (my first foray into PHP and MySQL) I neglected to create a date for the comments, they were simply fectched using the ID of the post, then sorted by their ID.

    I’m thinking I will have to create a script that will make a multidimensional array of the comments, sorted by the OLD_ID field I created on import, take the date from the post they are connected to, and then increment the date by say an hour per comment. True, this won’t be the correct date, but it will at least appear correct, and maintain the correct order.

    Does anyone have any hints how best to approach this?

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