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    I’m using Version 1.5.4 of Comments Evolved and I’ve noticed that the comment counts are not aggregated correctly on the main homepage and on individual blog posts. It seems to be pulling ONLY the number of Facebook and Google+ comments, not the native WordPress comment count along with them, but please investigate further.


    Thanks for this awesome plugin! Hope this “bug” is resolved though…

    ~ Chris

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  • For example, this post has 6 WordPress comments, 2 Facebook comments, and 2 Google+ comments, but the aggregated count on the homepage and post is only “4”, which leads me to believe it is only calculating the Facebook and Google+ comments.

    Link to: Sample Post

    I’ll check into it now, I have another update planned for tonight anyhow to fix some of the shortcodes, but it definitely should be . infact here is the exact code used to make it ….

    function comments_evolved_get_total_count() {
      $total_count = 0;
      $wpc = comments_evolved_get_wordpress_count();
      $fbc = comments_evolved_get_facebook_count();
      $gpc = comments_evolved_get_gplus_count();
      $total_count = $total_count + $fbc + $gpc + $wpc;
      return $total_count;
    add_filter('get_comments_number', 'comments_evolved_get_total_count');

    Thanks Brandon. You rock, as always…

    So I can just use this function in my functions.php until you push out an update?

    yup if you like … something like …

    echo comments_evolved_get_total_count() . " comments";

    should do what your after

    I’m sorry, but I tried to put that function in my functions.php and it crashed my site. Removed it, site is back.

    Also, where do I put that echo that you just shared here?

    Would appreciate the full, working code for functions.php. Thanks!

    yea the function is already declared in the plugin … so you just need to add the echo in your theme’s file anywhere get_comments_number() is uesd ( like comments.php )

    Oh, LOL… I see. So I shouldn’t have put that in the functions.php then.

    Alright, so now I should find where the get_comments_number() is used in my theme and REPLACE it with this?

    echo comments_evolved_get_total_count() . " comments";

    yup thats correct, but i think I may have a actually tracked down the root cause as well ( there is a second WP filter I need to be modifying ) so if you’d like I should be pushing an update with a fix within the hour

    Yes. PLEASE. Prefer to have it “just work” (rather than modifying obscure code in my theme). I think having aggregated comments “out-of-the-box” is the way to go and it would make this plugin even more attractive! Loving it so far…

    Please let me know when that update is available, if you can…

    yup, sure thing, I’ll reply here and mark “resolved”

    Looking forward to the update… Thanks again Brandon!

    Chris 1.5.5 update is live now and should fix that up for ya, thanks!

    Will check for it now! Hope this thread helped you improve things.
    Thanks again…

    Looks like it works now! Comment counts are aggregated properly now!!! SO AWESOME man… I love it!

    I see that you rolled back this fix in 1.5.6.

    For the record, I’m not sure I notice a difference in load time with 1.5.5, as some have reported.

    Any solution to the comments count on the near horizon?

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