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    Sometime after upgrading to 2.3 a month or so ago, one (of our four) blogs developed a problem where it says that a post has 1 comment on the main page, but then there are no comments when you go to the post page.

    I’ve looked in the DB, and the problem seems to be in the comment_count field. On one such post, that field has the value 1, when there are in fact no comments associated with the post (hence none show up on the post page).

    Any idea why this might be happening? Can/should I just change the values of that field in the DB by hand, or are their consistency concerns I should be aware of?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • Looks like the plugin you are using to request the ‘Security Code’ might be the culprit.

    I made two normal comments to that post. After the first comment, it set the Comment counter back to 1. Then I made a 2nd comment and it set the Comment counter to 2. Then I made a third comment, but this time put in a wrong ‘Security Code’, it told me that I entered the wrong code, but it incremented the comment count to 3.

    Might deactivate that plugin (or look for a newer version if available).

    That does appear to be the problem. Presumably there was some change in the interaction of the plugin and WP when we upgraded to 2.3. Thank you very much for helping debug our problem!

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