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  • I moderate all new comments, so I don’t have a problem with spam comments showing up on my blog.
    The problem that I have is my akismet folder keeps getting flooded with stupid automated comment spam, and I’ve given up wading through it to see it there are any legitimate (false positive) comments in it.
    Then last week, a good blogger friend emailed me that his comment disappeared, and sure enough, when I checked, it was in akismet!
    I want to put in something like a captcha, except…
    1) I find captchas pretty hard to read, as I prefer to answer a question like “what is white and comes out of the sky”.
    2) I want to make sure it doesn’t mess up anything else, and really gets rid of the auto-spam.
    3) It has to be very easy to install since I am technically challenged.
    Any suggestions on what has worked for you?

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  • Samuel,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I already have bad behavior installed, and shudder to think how much more spam I’d be getting without it! 🙂
    I’ll look at cookies for comments.

    I just looked at cookies for comments and have two questions.
    1) Does this work for people that have cookies disabled or turned off (like me).
    2) It sounds like this just marks comments as spam? That’s not really my problem. Akismet is catching all the spam already, but it’s filling up my spam folder and I don’t like checking it.
    I don’t want to catch automated spam… I want to stop or block it.

    a simple math captcha

    1) yes
    2) read further down – “for the adventurous” – this stops it before it gets thru

    I downloaded and install the math captcha. I had to modify my comment.php file to get it to show, but that was easier than I expected. It looks like it works.
    When I logged on, I also discovered that in the past 9 days since I last went through and cleaned out my spam folder, I had 533 new spam comments! It took me a while to go through them (20 at a time with a slow loading website) to make sure I wasn’t deleting any real ones.
    The spam bots are going crazy!
    Anyway, I hope this math captcha gets rid of them and only humans can now comment.

    I just wanted to follow up for any future readers of this thread, and say the recommendation above worked! The plug-in was easy to install, except that I had to add a line to my comment.php file, which I did in notepad.
    Anyway, two days later and I have NO stupid automated comment spam!
    I just wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago. 🙂
    Maybe wordpress should make this a default plugin on future upgrades?
    Anyway, thanks, and two thumbs up to the math captcha!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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