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  • Actually, this is an old problem I’ve reported earlier, but it was never fixed. I’ve since upgraded to the most recent nightly build, and then to the beta version 1.2, but the problem persists. Whenever a reader using Internet Explorer attempts to post a comment to my blog, the comment box expands to the full width of the screen, resulting in some of the box being hidden beneath the sidebar. This affects only the comment being added, not the ones that have already been posted. Can someone please suggest a way to limit the dimensions of the input box so this does not happen in the future? Thanks.

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  • if you ever figure it out, tell me
    i just made my comment box smaller and hopefully it doesn’t bother IE users too much

    the tag? which one?

    oh okay thanks 🙂

    What is “the css?” I didn’t find a width reference in the main index file or the comment template. Is it somewhere else?

    Let’s see if we can help. The CSS is contained in another file with the name wp-layout.css. It contains all the style for the index.php. It can be edited in the normal way. HTH 😉

    OK, I found a section that said:
    #commentform textarea {
    width: 100%;
    Changing the width to 75% seemed to make it fit on my browser. Is it better to leave it that way, or to remove the width reference altogether? And if the latter, is the surrounding #commentform….{ … } still needed?

    well, when i changed the percentage on mine it still expanded on IE so maybe try removing it all together?

    As I understand this problem it goes as follows. The comment box width is defined in cols. The font size throughout is defined in ems. Hence it is fluid. If we fiddle with it and fix the width of our containers and or our fonts this is where we end up. I am using a fixed width layout at least temporarily. So I have fixed my comment box with a fixed width too. It is not an elegant solution but it works.
    Now I just need to deal with the height of the ugly black box below it 😉

    As suggested here, I first went into the wp-layout.css file. Then I eliminated the following lines from the file:
    #commentform textarea {
    width: 100%;
    I went back to my blog and tried out the comments and it seemed to stay in a fixed position without that annoying endless extension on the right side. If folks want to go to my site and see how it works/appears to them, I’d be interested in the feedback… just to know if it’s showing up alright and working consistently for others as well. So far this appears to be a working solution to the problem.

    Interesting idea. I tried commenting that sectino out instead, just to be on the safe side, but so far so good.

    Lilandra: If you want IE not to expand the textarea box you cannot set a width percentage in the css, the width is set in the tag.

    I also had this problem so to solve the problem I had to set the COLS attribute in the TEXTAREA tag manually for IE while still allowing the other browsers to use the CSS WIDTH in percentage. Here’s how my CSS now looks:
    textarea {
    width: 95%!important; /* New values not taken by browsers except IE which doesn’t support !important */
    width: auto; /* Sets IE width to auto while not affecting any other browser */
    overflow: auto;
    Hope it helps!


    Siekrun, thanks for the CSS… That did the trick on my blog. Have a look see here for a working example:

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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