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  • Hi,

    I have a rather strange problem on my blog:

    Comments appear just fine on the single post page (if you click the blogpost title and go to the page where it’s just that post) but they will not appear on the main page.

    I have found the comment code on the single.php file (the file for a single post page) and I have added and removed it from that page by cutting and pasting it back in. So I know what the comment code is… however, when I add it to index.php it doesn’t do anything. I have tried relocating it but it still just doesn’t do aything. I’ve tried putting it in different divs and still, nothing.

    This is the comment box code that makes the box appear on a single post page:

    <div class="post">
      <?php comments_template(); ?>

    I know that doesn’t tell you much. There is a lot of code in the comments.php page and since I don’t read much php it just seems like a bunch of scribble to me.

    Any ideas?

    When I switch back to the default template I get comments back and comments work on the single post page, it’s just that they won’t appear on the main page.

    Thanks for the help in advance!!


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  • That seems to be the default, ive been trying to figure out how to get comment boxes under the posts on the main page for 600 years

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