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  • put <?php echo do_shortcode('[fbcomments]'); ?>

    Paperkawaii – where does that line of code go? I’m getting double comment boxes, too. Thanks so much.

    Hi I don’t use the plugin anymore, but I think you have to check the option to insert the code manually in the plugin settings. ( I could be wrong)

    Then you can add that in, go to appearance > editor > single.php

    Then find the line where it has your original comments code, something like
    <?php get_comments (true) ?>or something. You can either replace that or put it above or below that.

    I ended up using ‘comments evolved’ which worked a lot better.. but I found both plugins slowed my website down too much.

    Hope that helps.

    BINGO, paperkawaii!

    Thank you so much. Perfect… I have one comment box.

    This fix works, folks!


    Good to see you got it working 🙂

    @paperkawaii – is there a reason you’re not using it any more?

    @alex Moss

    No the plugin worked fine, had a client that wanted a fast website on shared hosting and it was just slowing it down too much, well any extra plugin was.


    This didn’t work for me. I could only insert the code after the wordpress comments area in the single.php for it to work. If I inserted it above, my whole page was blank.

    Any other ideas on getting rid of the double comment box?

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[fbcomments]'); ?>
    instead of the comment section, if you want both wordpress comments then you could put it above the comments section.

    Or maybe your theme file is incased in a <?php ?> If so try putting:

    echo do_shortcode('[fbcomments]');

    I have this problem also, and nothing is working and so sadly, unless the author can solve this issue, the plugin has to go.

    @22Littlefeet Do you have a link I can see?

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately I have already removed the plugin as I could not resolve the issue. Another issue I had was that comments typed in on my FB business page would not appear on the blog and only comments typed in on the plugins comment box on my blog would appear on the post in my FB business page. Comment traffic was one-way as it were.

    Any ideas on this?

    This is less about the plugin’s behaviour and more about Facebook’s behaviour when an action is executed. Sorry not to be of more help

    So I’m having the same issue where I now have 2 FB comment boxes on my page.

    I replaced my comment function with

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[fbcomments][fbcomments url="" width="100%" count="off" num="3" countmsg="wonderful comments!"]'); ?>

    And now I have 3. How can shut off the standar plugin output to be in full control via my template file? Thanks!

    Hi there,

    Have you unticked the option within the FB Comments settings in the backend?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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