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    My blog is doing well and is almost perfect except for one little bug. The comment box will not show on pages! I’ve made sure that commenting is enabled, I’ve made sure that the comment.php file is working. You can comment on posts, just not pages!! It’s really annoying me! If anyone has a solution I would be very grateful!

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  • your theme is not enabled to do that.
    you can copy the comment code from your theme’s single.php to your theme’s page.php to enable comments on pages

    Ok, I will try it. Thanks!

    Uhhh which line(s) to I copy and paste? I would really appreciate a quick answer!

    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    Ok, thank you! I have fixed it now! Seems that you’re one of the top WordPress ‘experts’! 🙂

    Seems that you’re one of the top WordPress ‘experts’! 🙂

    hardly…not even close
    glad you got it

    I have tried the fix that was in this discussion and it did not fix my problem. In the post “no comment yet” is displayed. When I click on it I am taken to another page where it says “Be the first to comment”. This is where I am left hanging. There is nowhere to leave a comment, unless I went blind and haven’t seen it in 3 days. Please help.

    blog URL:

    look in your theme’s single.php and see if the above code exists

    I’m having a problem getting comment boxes to show up in blog entries.
    All my comment configurations are set correctly.

    They show up fine in pages, if I allow comments in the page editor.

    I have checked single.php for <?php comments_template(); ?>
    and it is there.

    Please advise.

    I’m having trouble getting the check-box to stay checked when I’m in the EDIT mode for a page posting – I check it to allow comments, then I update and its back off and there is no comment box on the published page – anyone got a clue?

    I cant get my comments field to show either. I have checked the comment php and all looked right. Is there someone who can guide me with this issue?

    I have been same problem about my commets not show
    and I check code exists but commets not show from my blog link

    I am having a problem with comment form not displaying on the main post of the blog. Yesterday, when I first posted my blog with several images on the main page, the comment form showed fine. Today, the comment form is not displaying. There is a little box at the bottom of the page underneath which the name of the theme is displaying. I had added five pages to my blog and the comment form is showing fine on all of those pages. Can anyone explain to me how they resolved their problem? I am not much of a coder so I will really appreciate a simple explanation.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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