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  • Comment moderation is on… is there a way to say a “Thanks for leaving your comment, it is currently awaiting moderation and will be displayed once approved” sortathing after someone leaves a comment, so they will know it went through and not try to leave it again and again, since they were dumb and didn’t read the notice about comments being moderated?

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  • Touch wood but if you use the WP list of words and set the url limit low comment spamming should not be an issue for you Just an idea. :).

    Well I am not moderating due to spam, but because the site will have a bit of a controversial subject and I don’t want those of the opposite persuasion to be able to leave rude comments. But yeah, maybe I will see how it goes first, then moderate if necessary later…

    The question is still a good one, though — i’ve had some regular comments end up in the bin for using words in the list that also turn up in spam.
    Is there a way to put a message up if a comment goes to moderation, and another one if it posts properly?

    Probably, but I haven’t found it yet. But I have had users submit their comments multiple times because my site was eating them. For now, I’ve just added the Comment Preview hack; which I’m hoping will cut down on that problem somewhat.

    Oriecat has a valid request which I second as I’m moderating as some of my older posts are now coming under spam fire and I like to moderate and keep it under control. Except now my friends are thinking that the comments aren’t being posted because they don’t show up instantaneously, so I get 2 or 5 copies of the same comment to deal with.
    I was about to hack through the code and see what to do about it but I wanted to know if it was a known issue/someone else had already done it and poked in here. So I guess I’ll fiddle.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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