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  • I’m noticing avatar like images that some WP bloggers are adding to comments they leave. Is this a plugin? If so, can someone provide a link to it?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    no plugin to do this inside wordpress? being able to store the avatar directly on the server..?

    “Gravatars” owns all. Gotta love local caching. 😀

    Search ?

    D’oh, didn’t realize dbasulto had bumped a 3 month old thread, else I woulda said the same. 🙂

    there’s plenty of gravatar plugins..but i wonder, why not building one inside of WP? by adding the avatar field for users, and not requiring to do an extra step during registration process. i know gravatar is “globally recognized”, but IMO, it would ease the aspect of blog usage if it has bundled the avatar option. files can be stored in the server, and since its associated per user, it shouldnt be hard to enable… im not a coder myself (i have a hard time customizing my template with the php files ;))… but it’d be nice to have this option 🙂

    Because using Gravatar is a ONE TIME DEAL…. As Ron Popiel would say, “You set it and forget it!”…. otherwise people would be uploading their icons all over the place… Plus, trust me, you don’t want that bloat on your system/database.


    It really depends on the audience of one’s site. For those who have very public sites where a wide, constantly-fluctuating, range of people comment, Gravatars makes the most sense.

    But if one has a small site that is primarily directed to a small group of people who don’t normally post comments on blogs and who thus would view Gravatar signup as a bothersome task, it makes sense to have site-specific comment avatars that are locally managed, stored, and created.

    I’m probably describing a relatively small number of sites, but since my site falls in the category, a WordPress-specific comment avatar plugin would be sweet.

    Did anyone actually check out the “Gravatars” plugin? It allows local avatars.

    The Gravatars plugin or the Comvatars plugin? Knew selection from a group of local avatars was possible with the latter, but not the former.

    I kind of dig the Comvatars approach with how it allows for the use of local in cases when a Gravatar or Favatar don’t exist.

    The one I linked to in the 4th post down.

    I hacked in this feature for EuroCSS.NET but didnt make it a seprate plugin, as it was part of a whole “User Profile” system.

    But for i use Gravatar Plugin as this is used on many other sites aswell

    The Comvatars approach of letting the user select an avatar out of a given set, may be more suitable for more public pages with a lot of different user.

    By this, the blog admin can control the amount of stored avatars, can upload new avatars on user request and so does not lose control over the avatar storage as this may happen if users are allowed to upload their own images.

    it’d be a valid option to be able to keep per-user avatars inside WP… i mean, it’d be adding an uploadable file that’d be associated to the user, and can be called associated to it… too bad my coding skills dont exist yet 🙂

    Gravatar seems to be down more often than it is up lately. The common excuse for the downtime is to blame the host they use, and usually the downtime will last a couple of weeks instead of an hour or two. For this reason, I have completely abandoned the use of Gravatars on my sites.

    I am looking for a similar system that is localized, where my commenters can upload their own avatars like they can on any other forum page. It would be nice to be able to go to a user profile, upload a graphic and then associate that graphic with the user. That way I am not dependent on another server or service going down.

    Isn’t there anyone on this forum that is capable of writing such a plugin? I wish I could, but I am not that code saavy.

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