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  • I have checked “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” under Options. Why is it that spam is still able to get through into the comments?

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  • Did you make sure to click the “Update Options” button after checking the option? Sorry, have to ask…it’s something that I myself forget to do.

    I’m noticing the same thing. Fortunately, spammers aren’t hitting the site yet, but people who haven’t commented before are being allowed to comment. I do have the “previously approved comment” option checked.

    While I’m not positive, in comment-functions.php it looks like lines 729-731 are executed early in check_comment:

    $mod_keys = trim( get_settings('moderation_keys') );
    if ('' == $mod_keys )
    return true; // If moderation keys are empty

    …and that looks like it means that if you don’t have anything in your moderation keys, all comments will be approved. I’ve just put a few spam words in my moderation key block to test this, though. 🙂

    The next comment that came in after the spam words were put in the moderation key was in fact held for moderation, so this is the bug.

    watts, I’ve had spam words since the beginning and this function has never worked for me. I don’t think that’s the only problem. I still get new commenters getting through, and unfortunately most of the new commenters are spammers.

    I’m issuing a Mosquito report with a patch for the moderation keys thing. Nice find watts.

    steevak, I don’t know what to say about your problem, I can’t find another hole in it and a test of comments from previously unknown name/addresses get put into moderation. Might you have any plugins that would affect this?

    Might they be trackbacks or pingbacks, by the way? If so, there was a bug recently reported and fixed for future versions.

    coldforged, none of my plugins touch comments. I have comment spam key words and blacklisted words. There are no errors (i.e. blanks,/’s, etc) in these lists. I am definitely still getting commenters who have not been previously approved. For example, today an obviously randomly typing commenter made it through. These are not trackbacks or pingbacks.

    Maybe it’s an issue of comment words being carried over from the 1.3a release? Do you think flushing my comment spam words and re-entering them might help?

    Worth a shot, man. That and perhaps run the upgrade.php script again for good measure.


    It didn’t work. Though I didn’t have spam for a few days, I just got 3 comments that made it through which were not from commenters who had previous approved comments. What I have done so far:
    1. Upgraded to 1.5 from 1.3a.
    2. Ran upgrade.php
    3. I have cleared my spam and blacklisted fields, and then reentered it all. I’m positive there are no errors in either of these lists.
    4. I have activated the requirements for name and email, and I have activated the requirement for previously approved comments.
    5. I ran upgrade.php again.
    6. I have also made it that 1 single link causes the comment to be marked for moderation. Apparently this doesn’t work if the link is in the URL field.

    As far as I can tell, there either is something uniquely strange with my setup or there is some type of bug.

    I got the same problem.
    But I have a HTMLArea plugin witch add a HTML-editor to the comments.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Fixed. Whitelisting is no longer skipped if moderation keys are empty.

    Ryan, maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Are the moderation keys the spam words and the blacklists? If so, this bug won’t be fixed because I have have both of those and the whitelist is still skipped.

    I agree with steevak here. It seems there were two separate bugs at work. The first may have been fixed, but now even with the patch applied, people that have previously approved comments cannot submit comments without being flagged for moderation.

    Can we re-examine this problem? I’ll look at diving into the code a bit.

    I was looking at the code for comment_check() and realized that the whitelisting check is AFTER the moderation keys check. Shouldn’t the whitelisting come first?

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