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  • (Despite what it says the new Trac bug system will not allow me to login with the same credentials as used here – so I am reporting the bug here. This was previously asked about on this forum)

    V1.5.1.2 using supplied ‘Comments sub system – no plugins.
    If I put a link in a post to an earlier post – using the full URL, a comment for moderation is raised in my user name. The text of this comment contains a concatenated string of all post titles between the new post and the post referenced in the link.

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  • The basic part of your issue is not really a bug, and is how WP has worked at least since I’ve been using it (1.2). You can avoid pinging your own posts by providing “relative” links, instead of the full url, to a post:

    Pingback occurs:

    Pingback does not occur:

    As for the string of post titles… I can’t duplicate it. If this is seen by the devs, can you provide more info on your setup?

    I did know about the relative path route but after the cut and paste I forgot to go back and edit so I have had this three times. i other words reproducible. And I agree – it is n ot a showstopper – just a ‘quirk’ if you like.

    As for my setup – as I said – All front-end code based on ‘Kubrick’. All back-end code left intact although I have made some tweaks to some display stuff. All 3 posts were edited in the standard Write Post panel. Permalinks are set to /%post_id%/%postname%/ which is what got pasted into the link.

    It’s not a major problem but it could take some people by surprise and worry them! If you need anything further just shout. And I’ll remember to do it the better way in future.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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