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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    I’m working on the next release of Autoptimize. Currently on the list of accomplished goals:

    • optionally inline al CSS
    • simple API (set of filters, really) to change Autoptimize behavior (e.g. disable on a specific page)
    • exclude from “stuff” (use case: CSS for non-JS-initiated styling) in noscript-tags from being autoptimized
    • bugfix for regression in htaccess when using dynamic file

    the following features are still to be tackled;

    • ability to force one (or more) JS to be loaded after the rest
    • translations update
    • css minifier update from upstream

    I expect to be able to push a test-version out one of the next few days, more info in this thread.


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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    almost ready for first test-release, these are now in as well:
    * force JS to be loaded after the rest is done (albeit only in API, easy enough though, example will be included)
    * css minifier update
    * css optimization now fails (even more) gracefully (no more empty css-files!)
    * dashicons.min.css will also be in the default CSS-exclude-list
    * default delivery of autoptimize-files will be static instead of dynamic

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Don’t know if anyone is reading this, but in case so; I just pushed out the first test-release of 1.8.0 to trunk, you can download it here. If have tested this on 3 different blogs, with multiple themes and pretty heavy plugins (I’m looking at you, WP Boxer) and all seems sweet (with a 100/100 on mobile pagespeed and 98/100 for desktop pagespeed, maybe inlining CSS does work miracles after all Hamed!).

    I still have some updates in the readme.txt to take care of and I will mail the guys & girls who provided translations to ask for an update somewhere next week.

    Anyhow, the goal is not to rush for a general release, as I feel I have been pushing out a lot of versions the last 2 months and I maybe people don’t like having to update that much. So somewhere in January probably.

    But I’m looking forward to your feedback!

    i’ve test it on my website and it’s work like charm.
    now i can remove “async JS and CSS plugin” !
    thank you frank, i wait for your latest release.

    Hi Frank,

    yes, we are reading you 😉

    Also tested on my web site, and it works out of the box 🙂 (even if I don’t have the same excelent note note as our friend Hamed ;))

    Optimize html, js, css & “Inlining all CSS” selected.

    Tested OK W7 @ IE, FF, Chrome – Nokia@Symbian3 (Belle) – SamsungS4@Android Natif & Chrome. (no version mean uptodate)

    Awaiting real feedback from “visitors”.

    Thanks very much & happy X-Mas 🙂


    i just want to say it’s still working perfectly without any problem 🙂

    Same here even if I desable the “Inlining all CSS” option (not sure if it’s overall good or not, appart from validators;) i.e, css reloaded each time versus cached…)

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    yeah, the “connection reset” problem solution on Xammp (apache on windows) is not in 1.8 yet, but it will be (I’ll actually wait pushing out 1.8 until a fix is ready).



    First of all, thank you for creating this. I have deployed your plugin, with a fair amount of modifications, to websites of mid to high profiled clients.

    I am however a little confused as to why you opted to use PHP to serve the cache files rather than htaccess rewrites. Aside from the obvious bonus of faster distribution without executing PHP, you also do not have to create multiple files for caches as the server can take care of the compression too. It can also add all the appropriate headers for ETags etc, and follow a single set of expiry rules set in, for example, the htaccess in the website root.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Hi i.ahmed; if you click on advanced options, the last option is to generate static files. Starting from 1.8 this will be the default setting.


    Hi Frank

    First of all great plugin, many thanks for this…
    I just have a brief question, I was wondering if you have any plans on making the plugin more customizable, ie below:
    – Not hard code the path of the wp-content directory and plugin folder directory (I am not sure how many out there are like me, but I just hate using default folder names, and it does break if I don’t use the name that is coded obviously)
    – ability to change and customize the caching directory + URL and filename of the cache

    I realize this may not be easy, but I just wondered.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    I can add it to the wish-list, but can’t promise when/ if it’ll eventually make it into a release Nizsmo.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Just pushed what I expect to be the last code changes (excluding translations which I’d like to get updated) to trunk. As always you can download from Looking forward to you guys’ feedback!

    Hi Frank,

    tested & … Approved 😉

    Tested with Optimize (html, js, css) & “Inlining all CSS” selected or not (*).

    Host: Windows – Wamp: Apache 2.2.21 – SQL 5.5.16 – php 5.3.13.
    Browsers: FF, IE, Chrome

    (*) Bye the way, when “Inlining all CSS” is selected, the css style.css of the parent theme is downloaded… Is that normal? (I’m obviously using a child theme of twenty thirteen theme).

    NB: French translation is good 😉

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Autoptimize indeed sources all imported CSS, so the “parent” theme’s CSS is included in the aggregation. Un grand merci pour le feedback!

    Merci;) et de rien!

    Concerning the fact that ” style.css of the parent theme is downloaded”, I mean that it’s not “inlined”, but it’s downloaded (verified using FF Firebug – Network. And it’s the only one to be downloaded, all other from theme, plugin, etc, are well inlined). I was waiting it to be inlined as well (not downloaded from the website). The child’s style sheet and other are well inlined. Is that because of the @import?
    Here is from the source: <style type="text/css" media="all">@import url(http://blabla/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen-child/../twentythirteen/style.css);the_rest_is_correctly_inlined
    Let me know if you want to open an other thread / other way to discuss about this;)
    BR – Franck

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