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  1. DuzAwe
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Guess Im the noobie again. After about 3 years on Squarespace Im pissed off and fed up. WordPress has changed so much since I last looked at it and think Im in love.

    My problem is, Moving content, keeping my links and google juice and finally keeping the custom template I built on SQ. Can any on point me in the right direction, I have read up alot on moving over but would feel better with someone looking over me and pointing me in the right direction.
    http://www.dropdeadcomedians.com Is my site where should I start, How does Jquery work on WP, should I build a template first, will moving to a new server screw anything up Ect Ect

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to eventually helping people on here to, but for now I is need of help.

  2. segovia
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The biggest challenge is getting out with all your images. After an hour or so of searching google, I couldn't find anything of an adequate solution to this issue so I created a tutorial on how to do it (screenshots and all).


    Hope this helps.

  3. DuzAwe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    *edit just read your post, Ya thats my plan. But instead of exle and automater. I used HTTrack to carbon copy my site. All the folders copy localy in about an hour :)*

    Thanks will give it a look. I cheated......I used httrack to download my site. Folders and all so I have a full version of my site and may just be able stick the storage folder on the server and point all the posts to it. :)

  4. segovia
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I posted a response comment on my blog for you, and I took a few extra minutes to outline some of the more frequently asked questions that I came across on my search for solutions to this and other related migration issues; such as:

    * Will categories be transferred?
    * Will the users be copied and moved?
    * Will my comments be moved / migrated to WP?
    * Will my email transfer okay?
    * How can I preserve my PageRank and Google Juice?

    You can find all of the answers here:


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