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[Resolved] Coming events promotional tools

  • Currently using another WordPress events plugin, I have my site set up to post to both Facebook and Twitter new events as they are created (using other social networking plugins), and that’s working well. However, as many events are well into the future, I’d like to also provide followers with a weekly digest of events that are coming up in the next n days (ie: the coming week). Ideally, WordPress and/or an events plugin would generate and publish a blog post, say on Sunday nights, containing all of the events scheduled for the next seven days, a link to which could be sent to Twitter and Facebook, and possibly a subscribers email list (though this latter option is less important).

    Is there anything in this plugin that would allow for this, either built in or through an add-on?



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  • I built pretty much exactly what you are suggesting about eight years ago. It searched my Filemaker events database for events over the next seven days, formatted them into a list of events title header, short description with date & time plus an HTML link

    You could do this with TEC using a timed script (CRON job) to pull the events out and dump them into a pre-formatted HTML email with all the links & preview images in place

    It would be a fair amount of work to setup the HTML email but the weekly script & finding that week’s events would not be too tough if you’re handy with scripting

    I stored an ISO week number for each event so I didn’t need to calculate dates all the time. So I could search for events starting in, or still on during, week 45, etc. I used a global “fudge factor” I would change each year to set the start of the week number correctly. Apart from changing that annually the setup was very simple

    Nick Froome

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    This is really great, Nick – thanks for the update and for sharing this.

    Hedley: does this help point you in the right direction? Since there is no officially supported method here, Nick’s solution/suggestions are probably the best route.

    Interesting suggestion, Nick. I haven’t been thinking about this project much since I posted, but I’ll see if I can give your solution a go. I’m hardly a scripting whiz, but it might be a good learning experience!



    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for confirming, Hedley. If you find yourself stuck when you ultimately jump into this, come chime into the thread and we’ll see if anyone can point you in the right direction.

    In the interim, we really appreciate you using The Events Calendar. If you ever find yourself with a few minutes and could give us a “Works” rating or write a positive review here on dot-org, it would mean a lot to our team.

    Cheers man.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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