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    Hi! I’m using Polylang after try WPML for translating a site with Easel + Comic Easel. (lastest version of all the plugins and themes and WP btw)

    The plugins works fine with all the custom taxonomies and comic pages, but I think I found an error. When I click “next”, the page, english by default, turns in ES (the site is in 3 langs). :/

    I tried both default and widget navigation. All the buttons works with Polylang, except “next” (and click next page in comic image). “Next in the chapter” woks fine.

    I’m posting here because I don’t know if this is a problem of Comic Easel or Polylang (I posted the question also in the other plugin forum).

    Thanks for the help 🙂

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  • Ok, I revised the system, and the “prev” button also fails. It has the inverse effect than “next”. From ES, changes to EN posts. :/

    Plugin Author Frumph


    Does this happen with the comic -> config navigation set to navigate only individual chapters, or the other ‘[all]’ chapters ?

    So I can track down it as a bug. The way it works it uses a custom sql query I wrote in the plugin and not the wordpress core next; so I would need to know how polylang figures out it’s languages to determine how to code it to navigate

    Ok, I did a few testing for answer you. 😀

    I have the posts organized by chapter. But only is checked the “chapter”, not the “comic” category.

    When I set the navigation to “all” the chapters. The “next” and “prev” buttons fails. But “next in the chapter” and “prev in the chapter” works. (used in default and widget navigation)

    When I set the navigation to individual chapters the prev and next works in the default navigation (I suppose they are now like “next in the chapter” and “prev in the chapter”)

    A last test: If I put the comics under 2 categories (the “comic” and “chapter” under it) the individual chapter navigation works like “all” navigation. :/ (it works!) But I think this isn’t very correct, right?

    Plugin Author Frumph


    No, not very correct but if it works, i’m not going to complain right?

    heh. Since I have a terrible time contacting those plugin developers this is probably the best that it’s going to get

    Anyway, thanks for your time ^_^

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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