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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    • You don’t have a heading <h1> on the home page; compromising SEO.
    • Your phone number is an image format yet it doesn’t have an alt tag value, therefore discriminating against those with visual impairment.
    • Your logo doesn’t have a descriptive alt value.
    • Your local navigation at the bottom right of pages, titled, “hovedmenu”, doesn’t use selected statuses when pages are selected.
    • Validate your web pages with W3C .

    the site looks nice.
    a fair bit of inline javascript though as well as the issues raised by andrew nevins.

    are you aware that your social media links only go the the homepage of the site?
    IE [no user name]

    thanks for taking a look
    @ andrew
    How do i add a h1 on the “home” page when its using the pagenames from the other sites?
    How do i go and add an alt tag value on logo and phone nr?
    “doesn’t use selected statuses when pages are selected.” can you explain what this means
    Gonna take a look at validator

    @ atmd
    “a fair bit of inline javascript” please explain
    Im aware the social links dont work havent set it up yet, but thanks for mention


    it means there is a lot of JavaScript in your page, rather then in an external
    .js file, however this is more a best practice issue, and not one that will effect your site from working.

    Having said that, of you where to use this as a demonstration of your skills, I’d suggest you move it out to an external file

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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