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  • The Subscribe2 plugin allows someone to subscribe to your blog.

    The Cat2email allows a blogger to subscribe people via specific categories. FOr this reason, I think it’s very useful. If I understand the way this plugin works, the blogger subscribes someone to whichever category the latter’s interested in. But wouldn’t it be more effective (since no visitors have ever told me they want to subscribe to a specific category)to allow the would-be subscriber to choose the categories themselves (if any) when they subscribe to the blog?

    I was wondering if there might be a way to combine the 2 features so that when a visitor clicks on the “Subscribe to ‘Blogname x'” link the next pg. they see would not only allow them to notified when there’s a new post published; it would alternatively allow them to subscribe to a specific category feed.

    Does anyone know if this option exists or whether there might be a way to implement it? Might there be a way to tweal Subscribe 2 so it would incorporate Cat2email within it?

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  • Having just installed cat2email (no instructions), I was disappointed to find that the blogger has to add email addresses by hand himself (or herself). I agree with you wholeheartedly that it’d make more sense if the reader could do this… is there anything out there that will do this?



    I’ve since discovered that you CAN use Subscribe2 to allow subscribers to choose specific categories for which to receive notifications. However, the subscriber will have to register at your blog in order to be able to do this. If a subscriber does not register then they can only receive notices of all new posts.

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