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  • Two bogs.
    Both running WP 2.2.2.

    Want to merge their databases into one blog.

    I log into the one with the smaller database and click Manage->Export and download an XML file (about 111K in size).

    I log into the other blog and click Manage->Import.

    When asked, I specify that I’m importing from Word Press.

    I get asked if I want to create two new authors (“admin” and “Thriell”) or if I want to map them to my existing authors (also named “admin” and “Thriell”). I choose the latter option.

    My browser then sits there, bone idle, for about 10 minutes before finally telling me that I’m attempting to open a file of type PHP (named admin.php) and asking me if I want to save it or open it, and if so, with what program.

    My answer to the above question is irrelevant, because no matter what I say I still end up with some random percentage of the posts imported and the rest … out golfing, I guess.

    Any suggestions?? I REALLY don’t want to hand-copy and back-date 75 posts.

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