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  • I have 2 products.

    Beef Jerky and a Book.
    The Jerky can be shipped first class (2-5) days.
    I have a shipping method set up for that.

    The book can be shipped Standard (5-7 days) or Express (2-3 days).
    I have shipping methods set up for that.

    I am using the Table Rates extension to set the rates as item count by class so all flavours of beef jerky are countes as part of the same grouping.

    If a customer wants to order both Jerky and a book in the same order, how do I combine the shipping cost? The shipping methods don’t overlap (they are shipping from different locations so will always ship separately) and currently I just get all 3 methods as single options.


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  • ocdenson


    Hello, Did you ever find a solution to this, Im having the same issue. I would really like to be able to have shipping classes combine at checkout.

    The store I’m working on will be selling lots of diff items, for example: T-Shirts, Books, Cookies, Groceries, Produce, Cakes etc… its an organic market that sells all sorts.

    To ship a cake, for example, means having to pack it in dry ice and ship it next day via Fed Ex or UPS.

    To ship a t shirt means putting it in an envelope and I can use the Postal Service.

    I have the table rate plug in and cant find full documentation on how to implement it properly. the documentation that comes with it is hard for me to follow.

    Does anyone know how I can set diff classes for my many diff items and have them combine at check out.

    Kindly, Oliver



    I am also interested in a solution to this! The website I am building has all baked goods, but I need some sort of calculator in order to get the right shipping. Sending 10 cookies is going to be much less than shipping 10 bags of granola. I am very frustrated with the lack of help from woocommerce.



    have you contacted the developer of the table rate shipping extension? it’s a paid plugin, so they should provide support for this sort of thing.



    Hello, I had some slight success.

    When using the Table Rate Plug, instead of choosing PER Order in the calculation Type setting, you can choose Calculate Per Row or Calculate Per Class.

    This works well for combining diff shipping classes and rows ( i guess a row is a line/row of products in the checkout)

    So if someone places a cake and a couple t shirts in the cart, it would return the correct shipping for 2 t-shirts and then the rate for a cake and then combine those costs into a total.

    But I now have a new problem. Im actually using the USPS plug-in because all I have to do is enter the dimensions and weight of my products, define which USPS services I want ( Priority MAil in my case) and then at checkout it returns the best rate for the customer. This works great for 90% of my products BUT i want to sell Cakes and Produce, which will need to be overnighted and packed on Ice. Im not sure how i can use my usps plug in along side something like this and then have totals combine?????



    Where did you find a USPS plugin? I searched for one with no luck… Please do tell!



    headrick, I do not have a plugin, I only have what woo came with. And they do not offer USPS, the only other plugin that they have is for the UK, and will not work.



    The USPS plug in is purchased from Woo themselves. I did notice that it says Coming Soon on the site now though, so maybe they have taken it down while they update it or something. It wasn’t on the site for a few weeks and then it reappeared so I snagged it. The Version I have seems to work quite well. If you visit Woo Themes and go to the extensions page you should find it under Shipping.

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