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  • I have a sailing club membership site. We sell tickets on our site and there are two different prices. One for members and one for non-members. The product is a single ferry trip, and the variations are members or non-members. Obviously the number of seats is at the product level not the membership variation level. We don’t care if seats are filled by members or non-members.

    My problem is how to set the quantity available at the product level, then reduce that quantity regardless of whether the sale is to a member or non-member. I don’t want to set a quantity for each variation.

    We are using Woocommerce and Stripe for payment on the Avada theme

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  • @nevillet variations were setup with physical products in mind. So you’d have X number of brown pencils and Y number of black pencils.

    You might want to look at the WooCommerce Bookings extension. Under product data it has a “Persons” section and under that it has “Enable person types”. These person types allow for different costs based on the type of person. So you can set a number of tickets (for example seats on a boat), and then have different types of people who pay different amounts.

    Another option would be to change it to a simple product and have managed quantity, then tell members to enter a discount code. You could just add to your description “members enter code MEMBER2016 to get your member pricing”.

    Or use something like a product add-on checkbox. Check this box for member pricing, and check this box for non-member pricing (member pricing checkbox would add $0, non-member box would add amount X). There are tutorials for adding custom fields to products, and there are various plugins (paid and free) for adding basic checkboxes to products.

    For a variable product, go to the Product Data section > Inventory tab, and set “Manage stock?” = checked (Enable stock management at product level).

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