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  • Before I try this and get myself into trouble, I thought I’d ask first to clarify what I’m finding in the codex and the forum…

    I’ve got two WP installs in sub-directories of my site: /blog and /comics

    I thought I’d save myself trouble later by combining them into a multisite. My questions are:

    1) I believe that to do this and keep my sub-directory urls as they are, I need to create a new WP3 install in my root and then import my two installs into this one as part of the network. Am I correct that i can’t just make one of my existing installs a multisite and import the second one into the first?

    2) Also, if I do make a new root install and import the two existing installs, will all my image upload urls be the same? As my sites are image heavy I don’t want to have to do any image url rewriting.


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  • 1) This is correct and you should make a root blog first and then import your two sub directory blogs. This way you will not muck anything up.

    2) All of the image urls will be the same. Just moved into a different directory.

    I would recommend trying this out on a dev server or a beta sub domain first. You seem pretty knowledgeable and will see how it works when you do it. Also, of course back everything up.

    This is how I would do it, make a beta or test server to do this on. Import the two blogs and test how it works. Then just make this the live website.

    Thanks, poil11.

    Dev server is my next step, I hope. I’ve got MAMP running, but it’s on port 8888, which Multisite won’t allow. So I need to figure out an alternative (or how to change that port).

    Ah, for anyone else finding this, it looks like this thread has the answer:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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