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  • I’m trying to add multiple categories with a simple category hierarchy for navigation, as opposed to resorting to one category with a complex category hierarchy. I’m mainly trying to achieve this through url syntax to try to simplify things and not have to worry about a plugin. Anyone have any ideas on this?





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  • the simple category structure implies no hierarchy. just use parent categories. If you want to maintain heirarchy but keep the urls simple, then select the child AND parent category when creating the post. The url will now only reflect the parent category.

    That’s what I’m currently doing. Unfortunatly, I have 200+ categories, with more to come, and maintaining a hierarchy in that fashion is only complicating things.

    In other words, in order to maintain a workable single category navigation when you have set group categories (Ex. letters and number). You have to arrange it in such a way that each parent category (of one set group) has the exact same set of sub categories. What i’m trying to achieve is a multi category navigation and to simplify it for authors by organizing the categories into set groups.

    I know about custom taxonomies, but a critial plugin hasn’t updated to take advantage of it. So I have to keep the main category sets in the default category.


    If it’s just the navigation part you want to keep simple, build a custom menu.

    In wp3.x you can drag and drop menu items anywhere. the initial build will take time with 200 categories, but after that you just add them as you add a category.

    Good luck.

    Thought about it, and tried it. You still cannot combine categories.
    You can customized the menu hierarchy for display, but the category hierarchy is still preserved. Unless you were to use a custom url for the menu, which is similar to what i’m trying to go for. The problem that i have is 2 types of main navigation (kinda like having two different custom menus) along with other query searches. I need to combining categories at the url level. Thanks for the info, but it’s not option i am able to use the way i want to. I’ve seen customization at the url level though, but information on that has been sketchy.

    Nevermind. I was able to half answer my question,(id)

    The only problem i have now, is that it shows all the posts for each category id. Instead of showing posts that require to have all selected category ids

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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