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    I am facing an issue where google tells me a file served can be greatly reduced if it were to be served gzipped. The culprit is a combined css file put together by LSCache.

    Here are my settings:

    I have tried enabling compression through W3TotalCache. While it reduces the overall site download size by about 20%, the main js and css combined files are still being served uncompressed.

    The CSS file is 1.7MB in size and google complains about a missed 81% file size decrease opportunity:

    I’ve called the hosting company, they said gzip is enabled by default for all accounts, so I checked and indeed gzip is enabled for the website as per and similar tools.

    Here is my .htacess portion concerned with compression:

     # Gzip Compression
    <IfModule mod_filter.c>
        AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE "application/atom+xml" \
                                      "application/javascript" \
                                      "application/json" \
                                      "application/ld+json" \
                                      "application/manifest+json" \
                                      "application/rdf+xml" \
                                      "application/rss+xml" \
                                      "application/schema+json" \
                                      "application/vnd.geo+json" \
                                      "application/" \
                                      "application/x-font-ttf" \
                                      "application/x-javascript" \
                                      "application/x-web-app-manifest+json" \
                                      "application/xhtml+xml" \
                                      "application/xml" \
                                      "font/eot" \
                                      "font/opentype" \
                                      "image/bmp" \
                                      "image/svg+xml" \
                                      "image/" \
                                      "image/x-icon" \
                                      "text/cache-manifest" \
                                      "text/css" \
                                      "text/html" \
                                      "text/javascript" \
                                      "text/plain" \
                                      "text/vcard" \
                                      "text/vnd.rim.location.xloc" \
                                      "text/vtt" \
                                      "text/x-component" \
                                      "text/x-cross-domain-policy" \
    # END Gzip Compression

    Is compression not supported by the plugin? Is there anything I can do to improve the google score?

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