[resolved] Combine 'Web Site' Structure With Blog Functionality In Search & Archiving? (2 posts)

  1. thephpoldbie
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello all! :)

    Using a modified Simplr theme & having that hacked apart I am pretty much able to run a site using pages & having my WP act as a CMS rather then a blog. I also have the front page act as the default for when a user first goes to my site.

    However I found a way I can save some items I show in front page as a post & want a user to either (a) search for that post or (b) browse by category... yet I want the page(s) that shows each post to show the usual post info (i.e. title, date, page title etc etc) thus the problem :\

    See I'm wondering if I insert that "loop" that shows info for posts for just search/archive, if it'll (against my wishes) apply to my clean pretty front age & various other static pages I setup in WP. Thus I'm unsure on how I would edit my template's index.php file or if theres something else I'm supposed to edit. Heck I'm not even sure if I'm explaining clearly enough lol, but if anyone understands & can help I would definitely appreciate it :)

  2. thephpoldbie
    Posted 8 years ago #


    After reading a somewhat related thread here http://wordpress.org/support/topic/148505 I did a google search for WordPress conditional stuff and came across this which seems to give me a answer to start phping from :)


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