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  • I have my cloud pulling from multiple taxonomies and post types, which I want, but the problem is that they are separated within the cloud.

    Example: Say the tag “Philosophy” was both a forum tag and a tag in one of my blog posts, the tag lists both of them but separately.

    Is there a way to have both tags combined since they are about the same subject matter? It would really clean up my cloud and eliminate redundancy.


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  • It would be possible to have a cloud that would merge terms with the same name from different taxonomies. However WordPress doesn’t really have somewhere useful that you could link those tags to, at least not that I know of.

    Other people have requested some way to get a specialized rendering of a cloud, some kind of hook where you could customize the markup that gets generated by the plugin. A hook like that could be used to merge terms with the same name together and provide a link relevant to your site, or just remove the link.

    That feature is planned for the next version of the plugin (2.4).

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