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  • Resolved ruminez


    Thank you for this amazing plugin,
    we use it for searching in tagged images database and I have some questions.
    We use it with many checklists and dropdowns with ‘AND’ as default operator. But for a specific checklist “Référence”, we need an ‘OR’ operator between the different checked checkboxes from this attachment_category.

    Mots clés
    [mla_term_list mla_output=checklist use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category mla_markup=custom-term-list-checklist parent=1911 exclude_tree=1884,1881,1882,1883,1885,1747 show_count=true mla_option_value="{+slug+}" hierarchical=true ]
    [mla_term_list mla_output=checklist use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category mla_markup=custom-term-list-checklist parent=1885 option_all_text='Toutes les références' option_all_value=all show_count=true mla_option_value="{+slug+}" hierarchical=true]
    Couleur principale (RAL)
    [mla_term_list mla_output=dropdown use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category parent=1884 option_all_text='Toutes les couleurs' option_all_value=all show_count=true mla_option_value={+slug+} ]
    [mla_term_list mla_output=dropdown use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category parent=1881 option_all_text="Toutes les hauteurs" option_all_value=all show_count=true mla_option_value={+slug+} ]
    [mla_term_list mla_output=dropdown use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category parent=1882 option_all_text='Toutes les longueurs' option_all_value=all show_count=true mla_option_value={+slug+} ]
    [mla_term_list mla_output=dropdown use_filters=true taxonomy=attachment_category parent=1883 option_all_text='Toutes les profondeurs' option_all_value=all show_count=true mla_option_value={+slug+} ]
    mla_nolink_text="Aucun résultat ne correpond à vos critères de sélection."
    [mla_gallery add_filters_to=any numberposts=20 tax_operator=AND attachment_category="{+template:({+request:tax_input.attachment_category+})|'www-evp-fr'+}" mla_output="paginate_links,prev_next"]

    Thanks for your help

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thank you for the positive feedback and for your question. Thanks as well for including the complete text of your source codes; very helpful. I want to make sure I understand how your application works so I can try to reproduce it on my own system and investigate a solution.

    I see the add_filters_to parameters in your shortcodes. Are you using the “MLA UI Elements Example” plugin?

    You have six [mla_term_list] shortcodes, some checklist and some dropdown. I don’t see an enclosing HTML form or other way to submit the choices and compose the gallery. Am I missing something?

    Is the idea to use just one of the six lists to compose the gallery or a combination of several/all of them?

    Can you share the content of the custom-term-list-checklist markup template?

    Is the page containing these shortcodes available on the Internet, i.e., can I see the application in action?

    Thanks for any additional information you can provide!

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    It has been seven weeks since the last post in this topic. I hope you have found a solution that works in your application.

    I am marking this topic resolved, but please update it if you have further questions about using different tax_operator settings in a multi-taxonomy query. Thanks for your interest in the plugin.

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