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  • /category/$cat/feed and /author/$auth/feed each deliver posts..

    I would like to create a feed that looks like /author/$auth/category/$cat/feed

    Where you can get a list of posts by author, matching a specific category or tag.

    Please offer some guidance..


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  • I found by using this permalink structure


    urls like: /catname/authorname

    will return archive pages that are sorted correctly.. as in it will show all posts matching catname and authorname.. you change the authorname it re-sorts and shows posts matching new authorname, but when you add /feed/ it 404’s

    /catname/authorname/feed/ = 404

    I thought any page can be requested as rss?

    well if i turn permalinks off; and use: /?author=30&cat=3&feed=rss2 I get the desired feed.

    So i guess my real question how do i achieve this with permalinks on?

    /author/catetgory/feed or /author/tag/feed


    this does it..


    thanks for all the help (snark)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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