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    Greetings 🙂

    I have an issue with a very very large site that had been running MU, and then upgraded to 3.0.

    Looking at the database, The core WP tables are all in MyISAM.
    However, the individual user blogs — all _thousands_ of them, are using a combination of MyISAM and InnoDB

    The specific breakdown is like so (across all user blogs):

    wp_1048_bad_behavior    MyISAM  //plugin
    wp_1048_commentmeta     MyISAM
    wp_1048_comments        InnoDB
    wp_1048_links   InnoDB
    wp_1048_options InnoDB
    wp_1048_postmeta        InnoDB
    wp_1048_posts   InnoDB
    wp_1048_term_relationships      MyISAM
    wp_1048_term_taxonomy   MyISAM
    wp_1048_terms   MyISAM

    Ive scoured the old MU code, and know enough about stand alone WP, so Im not seeing where the cause of this would be anything other than a server configuration change, mysql upgrade, etc.. — (i dont think WP did this)

    Does anyone else? has anyone else seen this?

    Secondly, does anyone see a reason why the InnoDB tables couldnt be converted over to MyIsam? Or vice-versa?

    As it stands, using both is causing quite the load on the MySQL cluster.

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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