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  • I paid for .com access (installed and transferred from godly) and have spent many days working on my site, trying to figure it out, etc….so i went to add a plug in and learned that .com doesn’t allow that?? So I need to install .org, but I am really not understanding the simple 5 min instructions. I don’t even understand what I am installing.

    Help please!

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  • So i downloaded the .org file and changed the name in step 1. Then I get stuck. But i do go to my dashboard on .com and tried to install a plug in (that wouldn’t let me before) and now its installing….was it that simple and I just was making it to hard?

    There’s some overlap between and so switching from one to the other can be a little confusing at first. Hopefully this info will help clear things up a bit.

    Uploading your own custom plugins is not possible on sites, but there are plugins that are automatically included. Some features like email subscriptions and visitor stats come free. Other features like Google Analytics integration and video uploading are also available, but cost money.

    When you use, your website and all the website files, pictures, and site information are all stored on servers. But in order to have full control over your site and install your own custom plugins and themes, you will need to find a good hosting provider and host your website there. That is what lets you do.

    Based on your question and follow up comments, I would suggest you read through the tutorial How to Properly Move from to and the information in it should help you better understand where you’re at now, and where to go from here.

    Hopefully this helps! 🙂

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    I get stuck at Step 3: Set up wp-config.php. I know that godaddy has updated the DNS Control – to say wordpress. other than that, I have no idea what step 3 means. It does say I can skip it and it will be automatic later. So then I go to step 4. I know I want on my root directory of my website (or all pages of my site??). so then this step stops me “If you need to upload your files to your web server, use an FTP client to upload all the contents of the wordpress directory (but not the directory itself) into the root directory of your website.”

    So I need a database? Plesk? Is that why I can’t figure this out because I don’t have a database? Go Daddy isn’t my database, right?

    Also, I paid for Was that a waste of money?

    It sounds like you’re getting stuck during the install of WordPress at your host. Most hosts have tools available to install WordPress for you or publish step-by-step instructions detailing how to install WordPress in their specific hosting environment.

    What hosting provider are you using for your site?

    Go Daddy is where i originally bought my domain. I changed the DMS to wordpress when i bought the business.

    So i must have done something because my dashboard shows i have the plug in activated for my site. I haven’t worked with it yet to see if it actually works. I’d like to figure out wth i did, so i can do some editing at work, if i need too.

    Im so confused!! doesn’t let you upload custom plugins of your choosing, but the premium and business plans do include their own set of plugin suites.

    If your DNS is pointed to then they are definitely your website’s hosting provider. And if your question is primarily about a product, which it sounds like it is, you can ask for help at and they’ll be able to get you taken care of.

    1- Edit configure
    2 – Edit url in Phpmyadmin >> Ur databsae >> Option

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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