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    Hi. I have the plugin up and running using LTCT – All seems fine so far except two perhaps minor details.
    1. The columns are really narrow in [wallets_transactions] (see screenshot at ) Could they be in rows instead of columns?

    And I got 10 LTCTest coins added to my CoinPayments account. They were not added to the admin account, luckily added to a subscriber test account I control – how is it determined what account to add coins to? It seems strange to me.


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    You have brought up two distinct issues:

    1. I know the table is a bit crowded. There are two things you can do: either use some css on it or provide your own knockout views. You can copy the views to a different directory and modify the knockout views. This is described in the documentation, the filter is named wallets_views_dir.

    2. The 10 LTCT coins that you got would not show up in the plugin because they were not deposited to a user’s deposit address. They were simply added to your wallet balance by CoinPayments. Users get money into their account when they deposit money to their deposit address via [wallets_deposits] or when they receive money from other users.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I will look into how to style the tables myself, thanks,.

    As for the LTC Test coins, I understand but I think they should not have appeared at all in the wallets? Instead, they have appeared under one of my test users.
    This user is just a subscriber, not even an admin. I just need to understand how that could happen, especially if they should not appear in the plugin at all…
    Sorry for my confusion, Cheers

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    Thanks I would change the tables myself but at the moment I have very little time.

    Can you check under Wallets -> Transactions? You should be able to see if the 10 LTCT were deposited into an address? If that address is registered as the deposit address of that user then it would make sense.

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    Hello Andy,

    About your request to display transactions in rows, in version 3.2.0 you can now use [wallets_transactions template="rows"]. Please see the release notes for more details.

    Can we mark this thread as resolved or does the LTCT problem you reported persist?


    Hi great news about the update, thanks.
    I’ll mark this one resolved… I’m not sure about the other problem because it also happened when I had someone send me some BTC to my address. I’ll have to do some more checking and then I will open a new ticket if necessary.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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