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  • jennyfogarty


    Hi there,

    Im hoping someone out there can help with this as I have been pulling my hair out for 9 hours now. I have contacted the Theme developer but each question is met with a more cryptic answer about two weeks after I post ask. Really frustrating.

    I am using the Mosaico theme. And basically, I am looking to change the column widths of the sidebar (It is currently at a ‘fourcol’ width which I can amend from the ‘mobile.css’ file that comes with the theme.) My problem is I cannot find the div tags (or any hint of where the sidebars take the ‘fourcol’ instruction from. In other words I can amend the ‘fourcol’ width in the mobile.css file but this throws off every single instance of four col on the site. I cannot find where to change it to fivecol or six col.

    A similar issue is happening with my footer. It seems to have three columns in it (Again, all taking the ‘fourcol’ lead.) But I cannot figure out how to make it a one third / two third ratio.

    I have been all over the css code many times over and I just cannot figure this out.

    Im hoping someone can help me as I am about to throw in the towel!

    The link is:

    Hoping some WordPress Angel can help.

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