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  • LVRuss


    I know it’s new (I don’t usually try out new things until others have tested and gotten all the bugs out, but this time I did…ONLY one issue I see so far … all columns are equal width and I would like to have a 1/3-2/3 and 1/4-3/4 option for 2 columns on a page. What are the chances? Would also like to have an option to see the whole page text view. Curious to see what code PixGridder is putting in. NEVERMIND about the column widths … I just figured out how to do it. PROBABLY could use a little more detail in the instructions … maybe a documentation doc?

    Thanks for the plugin..

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  • LVRuss


    Sorry, Spoke too soon again. Worked well on first page I tried it on. Can’t get it to work on 2nd page. Row one…1 col with intro text. Row two, 2 col, one with index of sub pages, one with excerpts of sub pages. the 2 cols in row two are full width and stacked one above the other, not side by side. First page was done the same way and worked, 2nd page … no. Should have done more than one page before posting the above.
    After disabling here’s what 1st page looks like.
    <!–pixgridder:row[cols=1]–><!–pixgridder:column[col=1]–>This page contains a complete index and site map of the site.  It is very long and may take a while to load.


    <!–/pixgridder:column[col=1]–><!–pixgridder:column[col=1]–>Site Map:[sitemap_pages]


    After disabling here’s what 2nd page looks like.
    <!–pixgridder:row[cols=1]–><!–pixgridder:column[col=1]–>This page contains an alphabetic index of all the pages on the site and tree display showing the actual location of each of the pages.  This page does not appear on any menu.
    <!–/pixgridder:column[col=1]–><!–/pixgridder:row[cols=1]–><!–pixgridder:row[cols=3]–><!–pixgridder:column[col=1]–>Index:[catlist id=168 numberposts=-1 orderby=”title” order=”asc”  post_type=”any” excerpt=”no”][otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-5]

    <!–/pixgridder:column[col=1]–><!–pixgridder:column[col=2]–>Content:[catlist id=168 numberposts=-1 orderby=”title” order=”ASC” excerpt=”yes” excerpt_size=100 post_type=”any” date=”no” ]


    As you can see, the content of both pages is built with shortcodes except for the introduction in the first row.

    Plugin Author manuelmasia


    Hi LVRuss,

    if I were able to see a live example I could better help you. However, the builder adds the class “pixgridder” to the body if the theme use the function body_class(). If it doesn’t find the class the CSS file doesn’t render the columns. So maybe the function isn’t used always on your theme?

    If you disable the plugin it is normal to see the html comments across the source code, but I don’t understand if you see the comments on normal content too… in this case I’m afraid your theme filters the content in a weird way.

    Please, provide some URLs, if you can and let me know.

    Manuel 🙂



    Thanks for getting back to me so soon but I’m afraid that the latest upgrade to WP has blown so many of the plugins I’m using that the site is basically a mess right now. I’ve disabled all my plugins and am reworking everything. Having to find plugin replacements for several that just don’t work with this latest upgrade to WP. When I get through “picking up the pieces” of the current mess I’ll see where I stand.

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