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    I just moved my test site to go live and found that the 3 column widgets seem to have gotten wider which pushed the far right one to the next line down. I went back to my original test site and it’s the same way. Basically, they were all side by side last time I was on the site and now they aren’t. Could an update have caused this and where should I look to fix?
    I see in the shortcodes.css the div tags are correctly set to be width of 30.6% with padding of 4%.
    I’m only a novice at this and can’t see anywhere else that is controlling the width – if that is even the problem… The site is:


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  • Michael


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    there is a conflict with the .one-third css class getting styled by two indepedant stylesheets:


    .one_third{width: 30.6%; float:left; padding: 0px 4% 0px 0px;}


    .one_third{ width:30.66%; }


    .one_half,.one_third,.two_third,.three_fourth,.one_fourth,.one_fifth,.two_fifth,.three_fifth,.four_fifth,.one_sixth,.five_sixth{ position:relative; margin-right:4%; float:left; }

    the first stylesheet adds 4% right padding, the second one adds 4% right margin…



    The TinyMCE update must have done it. I made the margin 0%. The home page corrected itself and the tinymce seems unchanged.
    Much appreciated!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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