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[Resolved] Column width issues

  • Hi,

    after working with Tablepress for some time now and constantly being able to find (easy) solutions to my problems on this website, I finally hit a wall… I’m sure this issue can be solved, but I just don’t see the solution and I hope someone can help me with it. I’ve created two tables and those are just perfect! I can do exactly what I want with it: control, colours, layour, column widths, etc. and through trial and error I’m learning ever more! But now I’ve created a third table and all of a sudden I cannot control the column width anymore. For the first two tables it still works, so it’s not the plugin. The CSS code is also not the problem, since I copy-pasted it from the previous one and only changed the table-ID. However, there are some new features I included in this table for the first time:

    – extra wide table with more columns then I had before, so I turned on ‘horizontal scrolling’,
    – I have included a hidden column this time, since this makes content organising a little easier (ascending alphabet sort)
    – I have included embedded links to websites in the first column

    In the third and the fourth column of the table is quite a bit of text, so I’d like those as wide as possible with the text wrapping to just 3 lines instead of the text spread out over 20 lines in a very narrow column (like it is now).
    I can’t imagine one of these new features that I put in for the first time to have such an effect that I can’t control the column width anymore. I tried turning on and off the horizontal scrolling – no effect. I deleted the hidden column, made it visible, changed its position – no effect. Only the embedded links I haven’t played with.

    Did anyone else experience this? And if so, how did you solve this issue?

    Thanks for any reply!


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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    The hidden column and the links will not influence this. It is however possible that the “Horizontal scrolling” has an effect here, as it changes how the browser deals column widths.

    To be sure though, and to find out details, I’d need to see the page with the table, please. Could you therefore please post a link? Thanks!


    Hi Tobias,

    I read a lot of “thank you for your swift reply”s, but I guess it’s really true! 🙂

    So thank you for your swift reply! The page is:


    I hope this will help you solve my problem!

    Best wishes,

    Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi Paul,

    no problem, you are very welcome 🙂

    Thanks for the link! I took a look at the page and this is indeed tricky.

    However, I’d like to directly try a few things in the CSS. Could you therefore please create a temporary admin account for me and send me the info via email? (My address is in the main plugin file “tablepress.php”.)
    That should be quicker than us having to post here back and forth, with code suggestions and results.


    In order not to post e-mail addresses and passwords and all on the blog here, the intermediate discussion took place over the e-mail and this issue got resolved!

    Thanks a lot for that, Tobias!

    The solution to the problem turned out to be very simple: The following code was added to the Custom CSS and all worked fine!

    .tablepress-id-N {
    	table-layout: fixed;
    	width: 2000px !important;
    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    Paul, no problem, you are very welcome! 🙂

    For others following this thread: That code basically tells the browser to use a different method for determining the column widths, which in this case was necessary for the “Horizontal Scrolling” to work properly.

    Best wishes,

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