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    Has anyone else had a problem with the Mantra Columns for pages not working in IE? Specifically IE9?

    Chrome and Firefox show my two columns just fine on my pages. In IE, however, it turns everything into one entirely long column.

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  • Without seeing the page, hard to know what might be wrong, but browser issues are often due to code errors, so you could start here:

    Thanks. I am not that savvy and wouldn’t even know where to begin on the validation.

    Here is where my test site is located right now.

    Chrome and Firefox look fine. IE does not.

    An example of the columns not working can be seen on this particular page of the site:


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    If you want a webpage browser-compatible, you should first ensure it validates.


    I did the validation and there are a few errors. But I am confused because its nothing I changed at all. Its theme settings. Why would the theme have settings that do not work with IE?

    And I still am not sure why my columns do not work in IE or how to fix that… even after looking at validation.

    I would avoid columns completely… if someone can tell me how to better use the Visual designer on my WordPress pages. Butting text next to one of my tables(the reason I want columns) just puts the text below the table or button or whatever it may be. It doesn’t put the text next to it. So I never end up using the width of my page. Just makes for long continuous pages vertically. I am not sure how to be able to insert a button or a form or a table and then put text on either side of it. Doesn’t seem like that should be complicated. But the visual isn’t supporting it and so far either is the text designer. Is there a plugin to make page design easier or something? Any help would be great.


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    If the theme’s demo website works in IE9, try deactivating plugins to explore whether any could be responsible.

    It looks like the erroneous code from the validator is within the page’s/post’s contents, so you could go through and search there.

    Ok. That is what I have been working on. Thank you.

    But again its off because the “columns” I added using the built in Mantra Column feature. So not sure why hat would be causing an issue. So far, the column is really the only thing not working in IE i can see so far.

    About the rest of me last post. Do you know of any plugins or ways to simply wrap or align text NEXT to tables, etc that I added with shortcut. I cannot for the life of me get text NEXT to my tables.


    Look at the errors having to do with missing or open or extra tags — IE hates those.

    Yes, you can do that by floating the tables in the CSS code – WP has built in alignleft, alignright CSS or you can add it to the CSS for the tables.

    I am making the tables using a plugin called Websimon Tables which I really like. I insert with shortcode. So where would I use the align tags?

    As far as the errors with open or missing tags. I am seeing that in the validation errors. But not seeing any of that on my actual pages. 😛


    I removed a couple tags that were properly inserted and closed. I am not sure why they would have been causing a problem. But magically, its working now. Love IE! NOT!!!

    Thanks guys.

    About that embedded alignleft, etc though. Can you let me know how to use that. If I am inserting shortcut for example, do I just embed it within the shortcode brackets? Not sure where I use the align tags.

    Thanks again!


    You would need to put the class “alignleft” in whatever div is holding the table (or possibly in the table tag itself).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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