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    I installed the Column-Matic from the WP Dashboard plugin screen. I activated it. And then I tried to use some code as instructed by WP for the plugin. I placed the code into the css script and then tried to place the suggested code to begin and end columns in the HTML for the page. Nothing worked and I tried some different things and then got confused. I want a newspaper column look mostly for a large part of the front page if possible, or if not, then for the entire page. I want the sidebar to remain if possible. I am new so I need specific guidance. Like what code and where to place in the css script, and then what code and where to place column 1 and column 2 in the page HTML. I have been trying all day and with different plugins that I’m not sure would accomplish what I wanted. Can someone please help me? I am using the twenty eleven theme. This is important and I would appreciate any prompt response. If I am using the wrong plugin, please advise. Thanks.

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    jaydokie, sorry that you have been banging your head on this all day. If you like, we’d be happy to set up a sample on your site. Just create a temp admin account and email the login details to: support (at) twinpictures (dot) de
    We’ll get you squared away.

    Ok just set you up. E-mailed to Is that correct? Password is mailed to that account with administrator role.Thanks so much.

    I guess the page name is “News All Across Indian Country.” Guess if it looks ok, the entire page could be column format starting after the slider at the top. I would want the intro description which is before the slider left out of a column if possible. Thanks.

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    which page/post do you want this set up on… hit us up on email, as this thread will not help others.

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    Alright, we see what your problem was.

    1. the shortcode:

    [column class="column1"]content[/column]
    [column class="column2"]content[/column]

    is what goes in your post or page (not your style.css file)

    2. the class definitions

    .column1 {
    	width: 45%;
    .column2 {
    	width: 45%;
        	margin-left: 10px;
        	padding-left: 10px;

    go in your style.css file.
    all of this is explained in detail in the column-matic documentation.

    your working example is set up at:

    and we also inserted the columns on the front page:

    and the editorials:

    Hello from Maryland! I download column-matic and viewed the documentation. I am not familiar with code which is why I chose wordpress. My site is I would like to set up two columns for pictures of all sized with borders. Can you help this newbie out.

    Many thanks.
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    Hello Margaret,

    You have three options:
    Good Enough:

    [column width="45%"]content[/column]
    [column width="45%" margin_right="5%"]content[/column]

    This will allow you to change the width as you need directly within the shortcode.
    Pro: easy, and requires no additional work
    Con: a bit messy, and not suited for more than a few sets of columns


    [column class="column_left"]content[/column]
    [column class="column_right"]content[/column]

    And then enter the following under the Column-Matic Options page under Custom CSS:

    .column_left, .column_right {
        width: 45%;
    .column_right {
        margin-left: 5%;

    Pro: cleaner and better suited for more than a couple sets of columns.
    Cons: It involves very basic CSS… which is a very useful skill to get familiar with.
    Note: Both of these methods are shown with examples in the documentation.

    Pro and/or Lazy:
    We will set it up for you via our very reasonable support pack
    Pro: It only costs 15 bucks
    Con: It costs 15 bucks… and you miss out on your first adventure with CSS

    Let us know how it goes!

    Thanks for the quick response. I want to learn CSS and appreciate the information. Do I enter the code thru my hosting account which is Bluehost. And if so, where do I insert it. I would like to utilize the better formatting.

    Thank you.


    Hey, after trying to figure this out, I have gone ahead and took the route of paying the fifteen dollars in the hopes that the customer support will help me figure out css.


    Plugin Author Baden


    We’ll get you squared away. Please post back with a review of the support, once we are done.

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