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    This seems to be a great theme with many possibilities. I would like to use it for an important project going live very soon (this coming Friday).

    I have used WordPress for a while but this is the most complicated theme I´ve come across. I´m reading and rereading the manual, without getting much more clear about things .-(

    My questions 1) I would like to have a three column page, with three different languages side by side. Is that possible? How can I do it? Will some of these columns be called “widgets”? And the text for the three columns/ languages, where will they go? Will they be pages, posts, or something else entirely?

    2) I want to use the carousel thing, but not sure how to do it. The material that goes into the carousel, are they pages, posts, pictures…? And where do I put them?

    Sorry for the newbie questions


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  • Theme Author Stephen Cui


    Unfortunately my theme is labeled as “most complicated” theme. Voyage Theme is designed to be feature-rich and easy to use. I am sorry I did not have enough documentation to help you.

    Anyway, for your question:
    1. I assume you have same content for different languages. Therefore you want to include theme in a single page. It is possible to do it for a page or post. No widget is required. You can simple use shortcode included in the theme.

    [one-third] You contents for column 1[/one-third]
    [one-third] You contents for column 2[/one-third]
    [one-third] You contents for column 3[/one-third]

    2. Currently, the carousel will only include <b>Sticky<b> Posts. It is recommend to have <b>Featured Image</b> for this type post but it is not required. The image should have the same height and is wider than you grid width (e.g 960px) You can play around for best results.

    In version 1.1.2, you can select by category. Version 1.1.2 was approved last week but WP forgot to add in the directory. Hopefully someone will sync it to extend directory today or tomorrow.

    Thanks. The shortcode works.

    However I don´t know how to put the page where I have the shortcode in it´s place. I would like to have it under the carousel.

    As to the Carousel; when you say Sticky post, you mean Blog post, not Pages, right?

    As to “Featured Image”, I don´t know what it is and where to find it…

    I haven´t been able to make the carousel move yet. When I go to Themes > Voyage > Customize I succeed in making the it move.

    When I leave the Customize page, it stops .-(

    Theme Author Stephen Cui


    Do you have the latest version? It has a minor issue. See know issue topic for solution.

    Here are some steps:

    Carousel needs 2 or most posts in order to move.

    In Home Pages option tab, select Featured Posts style and other options to select the posts. Hint: Use WordPress’ sticky post.

    Now the 3-columns page under Carousel:
    1. Create a post (simply the copy the content from the page you created) and assign it with special Category (e.g. ABCD ).
    2. Set the width of Home Widget 1 to 12 columns.
    3. Use Recent Post (Voyage) widget. Select category ABCD and number of post: 1, Intro Text: content. No need for Widget Title.

    Your 3 column-post will be displayed in full width.

    Thanks a lot. The carousel is now moving.

    The page under carousel is more difficult. Actually it doesn´t have to be 3-column, but I think it is a minor issue here.

    >1. Create a post (simply the copy the content from the page you created) and assign it with special Category (e.g. ABCD ).

    I get a bit confused when you say “post”, but I think we are talking about blog post, not page.

    >2. Set the width of Home Widget 1 to 12 columns.

    Where can I do that? I am looking in wp-admin/widgets.php. There I see a “Home Widget Area 1” where I can kind of write a little post, add title, etc. But I see nothing about width.

    >3. Use Recent Post (Voyage) widget. Select category ABCD and number of post: 1, Intro Text: content. No need for Widget Title.

    I finally figured out that this should go into Home Widget Area 1. But the 3 columns are not working, everything is narrow, left-centered and impossible to read. Probably due to the Width not being set.

    The “Recent Post (Voyage)” however has a setting for columns: 1-4

    Theme Author Stephen Cui


    Set width of Home Widget 1 to “12 Columns” (i.e. Full Width) in Theme Options > Layout

    Recent Post (Voyage): Number of Columns: 1

    As the blog post has three columns, it should show up nicely.

    Currently this widget does not support pages or select a specific post of ID. I will consider support it in the future.

    Hopefully you like the theme.

    Thanks Stephen.

    But “Theme Options > Layout Recent Post (Voyage): Number of Columns: 1” is still not clear to me.

    This is how my page looks:

    Am I on the wrong page…?

    Theme Author Stephen Cui


    For the first parameter: Home Page Widget 1’s width;

    Please see the documentation for Home Page Layout. As you can see the layout of theme’s layout can be changed easily. For your setting, just enter 12, 4, 4, 4 for now.

    The second parameter is No Of Columns for Recent Post (Voyage) widget. The default is 1 already.

    I guess my Theme is “most complicated” because it is feature-rich.

    Hope it helps.

    Theme Author Stephen Cui


    The confusion coming from Columns:

    1. Column for the Grid System: This is used for designing you site’s layout (i.e. Home Page widget area 1: 12 columns)

    2. Recent Post (Voyage) widget’s columns: This is used to display post summaries/contents for multiple posts (since we only display 1 post, we set it to 1).

    3. Column short code within a post. This allows multiple-column layout for a single post/page.

    Did I make you more confused? I will write more tutorials so users will appreciate the “complexity” of Voyage Theme. 🙂

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