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    I am trying to get a right and left column with the content in the middle like on this site I want this for my home page only. All the configuring I have done only yields me with both columns on the left or right side of the content. My site is currently on a local install or I would give the web site. Does anyone know how to achieve this in the pinboard theme.

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  • Hi, maybe I can help with this. The page you mentioned uses simple TABLE code. You can use the Plugin for creating colums on any page and insert content into each column. See:
    Or, maybe the sidebar manager could help you create sidebars and you can use widgets to pop into the sidebars. See
    Hope that helps, cheers, Groggo

    Thank you for your reply. I tried those plugins and they did not really do what I was hoping. I already have two side bars which I can add content to. I just want the main content part of the page to be in the middle. The easy column plugin is pretty cool. I will definitely keep that plugin. I will be constantly adding pictures and text to the columns so the short code way is not the best for what I want. I think I need to achieve this through custom css. But I do not know how to do this. I was hoping there was a plugin that moves the side bars were you want them. Like move side bar 1 to left of main content and sidebar 2 to the right of main content. The theme comes with some layout options just not that one. Thanks for your help.

    Hi, understand totally. I use some HTML I have learned way back, works good on the content pages. I am not good with CSS but there are good tutorials and I think it’s a good idea to learn that, its so valuable in the long run. Just on question: When you say you want the content “in the middle” and you ahve 2 sidebars, the content is automatically in the middle , isn’t it? I also play with differently sized images to achieve good layout. (I don’t wanna post my URL’s here as it can lead to spam) so keep playing with different sized images and text arrangements and eventually you get into a habbit of getting it right.. good luck, Groggo

    I was referring to the main content or the page editor content. If you activate just one sidebar you can choose to put it to the left or right of the main content page. I have two sidebars. I can only get them both to either be on the right or both on the left of the main content page. I want the main content page to be in the middle and have a sidebar on each side. I have seen many posts for this but know good solution yet. Thanks

    Hi again, Understand. Maybe another theme works better for you, for example this one “Techozoic Fluid” has the possibility to have a sidebar on each side and content in the middle..
    Might be worth a shot..
    Cheers, Groggo

    I think this theme will work. I have played around with it for a little bit and I like. Thanks so much, T

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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