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[Resolved] Colours not loading correctly

  • Hi,

    I’d set up the Events Category Colors plugin which was working exactly as expected; different categories had different colours set etc.

    I’ve updated to The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar Pro and now all the different events (in different categories) are using the same colour (blue).

    Additionally, the previous / next (week) links don’t load any colour, but if you refresh the page the same blue colour loads for all posts.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere or could this be a bug?

    You can see an example of this here: http://squeakygatestg.wpengine.com/calendar/

    Thanks in advance for any help!



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  • @andy I can provide a link in a Private Message as this is confidential work. How can I contact you?

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    mending, I don’t need a URL. I can replicate this and have already figured out a solution. I just need some time to code and push it. Expect a new version over the weekend that should solve this issue.

    Great! Thanks a lot Andy 🙂 I’ll be happy to test it.

    Any ETA on when Modern Tribe get the ECP week view problem solved?

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    No sorry, but it is on their radar. Until then week view will act in the default behavior.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    mending, v3.4.5 should have fix for colorizing Organizer and Venue views.

    Please let me know if it works on your end. Thanks.

    Hi Andy, thanks! 🙂 It does look a little strange with the “Cost” amount to the right and the fact that the coloring isn’t floating 100% width. Screendump.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    The color doesn’t extend 100% because it doesn’t look good on Photo view. You’re best bet here is to add a little styling to the cost button.

    I’m glad everything else seems to be working.

    Right, but the Map view doesn’t look anything like the List, Venue and Organizer look. Is that by intention? Also shouldn’t an event viewed on the Single Event page somehow be colored as well?


    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    The single event view doesn’t contain the category class tag so no coloring. 🙁

    I didn’t notice the Map view wasn’t filling across, thanks for making me aware. I’ll get that fixed. You might end up with a similar issue with the cost though.

    Thanks! We should have Modern Tribe adding a category class on the Single Event View then. As well as ask them to move the cost (floating out of sight to the right) inline as on the Event view here… Would look a lot better?

    @leahkoerper you agree?

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    @mending, I’m about to push a new update that fixes some of the CSS and moves the cost button down to a better position.

    The problem with putting this cost button CSS in the plugin is that it will be difficult to override without doing something like !important.

    Here’s what it looks like, http://pbrd.co/1kz0bMu

    Do you think it’s worthwhile to add or should I let the user figure it out?

    I think that is just beautiful and most user will appreciate this as well as knowing that “!important” is one of the first CSS tricks in the book to learn 🙂

    Push it! You got my full support.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Pushed. Let me know if you like it.

    Looking better – though we would love if things would align to the right – both coloring and cost with an equal right handside margin:


    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Unfortunately, these 2 elements are not in the same div so aligning them together is difficult. You will find that as you make your browser window smaller they will align closer. The positioning for both is based upon percentage so it will never be exact for all screen sizes.

    If/when I have more time I’ll see if I can make them closer. Unfortunately using something other than a percentage will make the photo view look off.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 52 total)
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