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  • Hello there !

    I do not expect anyone to do the job for me,i would be grateful if you at last could tell me the directories that should be of my interest please.

    1. I would like to ask how could i change the colors of the boxes,
    here is the web page , what i want is to change the colors of the boxes that are just all the way down, “join me on facebook” etc.

    2. Also i would like to change the look and position of social icons, instead of having them in the middle i want to move them to top right/left .

    3. Now this is probably a bit complicated, i want to move the menu to top right /left, and then instead of text i’d like to add icons and maybe text when you scroll over the icon.

    4. How can i change the font for posts and menus, widgets ?

    So as i said the directories is probably all i need, i will figure out the rest, unless you want to help.

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